Bradley Williams

Bradley Williams

Community Sports Volunteer

Gold Young Ambassador

Been volunteering for over 1 year with Aura’s Sport Development Team

Why did you want to become a Volunteer with Aura?
Originally I was volunteering for Crime Watch with the local Police and was supporting the Community Sport Hub session in Hawarden organised by Aura. This is where I met Dan Williams the School and Community Sports Co-ordinator.  I really enjoyed the experience and the staff from Aura were very helpful and supportive of me as a volunteer and this is one of the main reasons why I wanted to start volunteering with Aura.

What are your current Volunteering Responsibilities?
My main role is Assistant Coach and my responsibilities are to assist the head coach, set up and put away equipment, take the register for the session, assist with warm ups, activities and cool downs. I am also a Gold Young Ambassador and have recently attended a conference in Cardiff as part of my training. My responsibilities within this role is to promote and lead on activities across Flintshire.

What new skills have you learnt?
I have learnt how to organise and manage a session through observing and supporting the community sessions. I feel that I have learnt how to become a leader within a session and how to work within a team.

Have you come across any challenges and if so what did you do to overcome them?
I am not a very confident person and feel that this opportunity has helped me to become more confident. I am autistic and do find socialising difficult, there are certain daily tasks that may seem small to others but are very difficult for me to overcome. Getting to know the staff and their support has been a massive support in helping me develop. The staff have taken the time to know me, understand my needs and now I feel confident with helping them and know with their support I can take on new challenges.

What have you most enjoyed about Volunteering so far?
The experience as a whole has been great.

What advice would you give to someone interested in Volunteer?
Just do it, there are lots of opportunities, it open new doors, it is definitely worth giving up your time.

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