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Terms and Conditions of Aura Library Membership

By joining the library, you are confirming that you have read and accept the terms and conditions of membership and agree to abide by these terms, for the duration of our contract.

General Conditions of Membership

• Library membership entitles you to use all library services provided by Aura Leisure and Libraries Limited and our partner organisations. When you have joined as a full member, you will be given a library membership card and a PIN, for your own personal use.
• Library members are required to present their library membership card when they borrow items and use library computers.
• As a library member you are responsible for all items borrowed on your library card, including any lost/damaged items which may need to be paid for, and for the payment of any late fees or charges accrued on your library account.
• If the card is lost the library must be notified.
• You are responsible for informing us of any changes to your personal details, for example, a change of address.
• You reserve the right to terminate your account at any time.
• Should you wish to cancel your library membership, you must return all items you have borrowed and return your membership card for cancellation. If there are any outstanding charges on your library account you will be expected to pay them.

Aura is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for our customers and colleagues, which requires acceptable behaviour from everyone.

We ask that everyone is treated with respect, and that no-one should have to deal with unreasonable, offensive, intimidating, humiliating or threatening behaviour or actions.

Failure to meet these expectations will potentially result in the withdrawal of services, the removal of your membership privilege, and you will be asked to leave our building.

Use of Library Computers and the Internet

• To use our public computers you must be a full member of the library and always have your library card and PIN with you. Library members’ internet access is not transferable to any other person.
• If you are under 17 years of age you will receive a consent form for internet use, for your parent or guardian to sign.
• Children under 11 years of age cannot use library computers unless they are accompanied by their parent or guardian.
• It is the parent or carer’s responsibility to monitor and manage use of the internet and library computers by children in their care. If you are concerned about the content your child may access using a library computer we request that parents / carers accompany children on their library visit.
• Internet access is filtered; and all access is recorded and logged. The specific content of any transactions will not be monitored unless there is a suspicion of improper use.
• Illegal or unlawful violations of the Acceptable Use Policy may be referred for legal action or to the police.
• You must agree to adhere to our Acceptable Use Policy in order to start your computer session.
• Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in the suspension or cancellation of your library membership.

These terms and conditions are made under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964.

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