Cliciwch yma i weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

Please note that the timetable is currently subject to frequent change as we move out of lockdown and adopt a phased return to more normal opening hours. All available sessions can be viewed via the Online Bookings portal.


DayTimeActivityMax. No.
Monday7:30-8:15amPublic Lane Swim24
Monday8:20-9:05amPublic Lane Swim24
Monday9:10–9:55amPublic Lane Swim 24
Monday12:00-12:45pmLunch Time Swim24
Monday2:30-3:15pmAfternoon Swim24
Monday7:45-8:30pmGirls Only Swim (11-16 year olds)24
Tuesday6:15am-7:00amFast Lane Swim24
Tuesday7:05am – 7:50amPublic Lane Swim24
Tuesday7:55-8:40amPublic Lane Swim 24
Tuesday10:15-11:00amOver 60s Free Swim24
Tuesday12:00-12:45pmLunch Time Swim24
Tuesday2:30-3:15pmAfternoon Swim 24
Wednesday7:15-8:00amPublic Lane Swim24
Wednesday8:05-8:50amPublic Lane Swim24
Wednesday2:30-3:15pmAfternoon Swim 24
Thursday6:15-7:00amFast Lane Swim24
Thursday7:00-7:50amPublic Lane Swim24
Thursday7:55-8:40amPublic Lane Swim24
Thursday2:30-3:15pmAfternoon Swim 24
Friday7:30-8:15amPublic Lane Swim24
Friday8:20-9:05amPublic Lane Swim24
Friday9:10–9:55amPublic Lane Swim 24
Friday2:30-3:15pmAfternoon Swim 24


DayTimeActivityMax. No.
Monday7:00-7:45pmPublic Swim 14
Tuesday8:00-8:45amPublic Lane Swim 14
Tuesday9:00-9:45amPublic Lane Swim 20
Tuesday11:00-11:45amPublic Swim20
Wednesday8:00-8:45amPublic Lane Swim 20
Wednesday1:00-1:45pmFamily Pod Swim3 Family Groups (Max. 6)
Thursday8:00-8:45amPublic Lane Swim 14
Thursday11:45am-12:30pmPublic Swim 20
Thursday1:00-1:45pmFamily Pod Swim3 Family Groups (Max. 6)
Thursday2:00-2:45pmFamily Pod Swim 3 Family Groups (Max. 6)
Thursday7:00pm – 7:45pmPublic Lane Swim 14
Friday9:00-9:45amOver 60s Free Swim20
Friday10:00-10.45amPublic Swim 20
Friday 11:00-11:45amPublic Swim 20
Friday1:00-1:45pmFamily Pod Swim3 Family Groups (Max. 6)
Sunday1:15-2:00pmPublic Swim 20


DayTimeActivityMax. No.
Monday8:00-8:45pmAdult Lane Swim30
Tuesday7:00-8:00amPublic Lane Swim30
Tuesday8:15-10:00pmAdult Lane Swim30
Wednesday7:30-8:30pmAdult Lane Swim30
Thursday07:00-8:00amPublic Lane Swim30
Thursday9:00-10:00pmAdult Lane Swim 30
Friday8:15-9:15pmPublic Lane Swim30
Friday 9:15-10.00pm Adult Lane Swim 30
Saturday11:45am-12:30pmOver 60s Free Swim30
Sunday11:00-11:45amUnder 16 Free Swim30
Sunday12:00-1:45pmPublic Lane Swim30