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Aura Wales to implement strong passwords to Online Bookings from Monday, 12 August 2024

To ensure maximum security and protection for our members’ online accounts, Aura will implement strong passwords to its platform with effect from Monday, 12 August 2024.

This process ensures that customers’ passwords are invisible to Aura employees and not sent via unsecured emails or discussed over the telephone. Instead, passwords are reset using one-time links provided by the online service.

The use of strong passwords will require current members to modify their existing password strength from their unique 4-digit PIN number to a new and more secure setting. The first time current members log in to Online Bookings from 12 August, they will be prompted to select ‘Forgotten Your Password’. Members will then receive an email with details of how to reset their password.

New passwords must meet the following criteria:

• Minimum 8 characters
• At least one upper case letter
• At least one lower case letter
• At least one number
• At least one special character (e.g. ! or ? or %)

Customers who manage more than one online account due to having responsibility for a child(ren) or young person, and use the same email address for multiple accounts, will need to adopt a strong unique password for each individual account. For this, they will need to know the Member ID of each child/person whose account is linked to the same email address.

To find the Member ID for each child/person linked to the same email address, log into the Online Bookings platform as normal, prior to 12 August, and select ‘My Account’ (see image 1). The Member ID can be viewed on the first line beneath ‘General Details’ under the heading ‘ID’ (see image 2).

Image 1

My Account Home ENG

Image 2

My Account Member ID ENG

If customers experience any problems locating the Member ID for a child/person they are responsible for, please ask at reception next time you visit an Aura leisure centre or telephone your preferred site (

Aura members who are new to Online Bookings after 12 August will be required to provide a strong password upon accessing online services for the first time.

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