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Tackling Inequalities

7 door step sport hubs established with an average weekly attendance 160. One of the clubs continues our work tackling holiday hunger which we have run for the past three years. We have recruited coaches and run coach education to support delivery and will be further utilizing the street games leadership academy in the future.

Participation within the sites is high and young people benefit from the sessions. The areas are chosen based evidence of need with regards to ASB, deprivation and participation rates.

We have created a delivery strategy with key partners and have been working closely with the National Youth Agency and Flintshire Youth Services to further improve our offer and skills of our staff.

The sessions run weekly during term time with special events during holiday periods such as running Park Lives, engagement events, education events.

Case Studies 1

Dragon Sport and Multi Skills

Teacher workshops continue to run which supports participation levels and confidence of delivery in schools. The workshops are planned around the sports festivals and aim to increase participation in the lead up to the festival and the festival itself. The workshops have also focussed around our ‘red’ schools, enabling more delivery to take place. Each teacher attending receives a resource pack to support delivery. On average 15 teachers and assistants have been attending each workshop.

Case Studies 2

Daily Mile

The Daily Mile now operates in 25 of the 63 primary schools in Flintshire with around 11828 taking part. As part of our development of the Daily Mile Bryn Coch have installed an artificial running lane to enable children to run in inclement weather, and Southdown Primary school have forged a link with Little Kingdom school in India where the two schools ran the cumulative distance between the two schools.


As part of our business plan we have established a PPA provision, this enables Sports Development staff to deliver high quality PE sessions in schools. 10 schools have signed up to receive the provision and receive a minimum of half a day sports coaching. The staff are trained and deployed through Sports Development and through working with the schools we are able to ensure that Physical Literacy skills are taught, and children receive positive and inclusive experiences. We are also able to provide additional links to community provision to support further engagement in sport and physical activity.