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Black Friday Weekend Deals: Terms & Conditions

The Annual Fitness Membership promotion is 4 months free when paying in advance for one year. This is better than our standard annual offer of 2 months free and our usual Promotion offer of 3 months free.

The following Annual Fitness memberships are available to purchase as part of this offer:
• Premier
• Peak
• Off Peak
• 60+ Years Off Peak
• 16-24 Years
• Unlimited Fitness Classes
• Junior Fitness
• Buckley Leisure Centre Aura Express

All members who join on this promotion are required to go through the member’s Steps journey as normal. We can also convert Direct Debit members to an Annual. Customers will need to pre-book as normal for a FREE Induction. If you are already an existing member, no induction will be required. New members, current Direct Debit members and renewing members can all take advantage of this offer.

There will be no refunds for those that transfer from a Direct Debit to an Annual Membership. There will be no refunds on this Annual membership offer as per any normal Annual sale.

In the event of any future temporary closure of our leisure centres, due to Covid-19, in all circumstances, the previous Annual expiry date will be extended to mirror the length of the period of closure.

Fitness Class Saver10 is normally available to purchase for £44.00. The Black Friday Weekend Deal enables customers to purchase 3 x Fitness Class Saver10 subscriptions for the price of 2. This equates to 30 fitness class sessions for the price of £88.00.

The Fitness Class Saver10 Deal is only available to the individual customer making the purchase. This is because the usage of 30 attached to the product can only sit on one member’s account.

In the event of a purchasing customer wishing to ‘gift’ one or two of the Saver10s (i.e. 10 usages or 20 usages) to a friend or family member then the purchase will need to be made through Aura’s Head Office.

As per the normal Saver10, the 30 usages applied to the Black Friday Weekend Deal will need to be used within 12 months of the date of purchase.