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Aura’s National Exercise Referral Scheme celebrates 15 years of life changing work in Flintshire

This year, the National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) marks 15 years of impacting the lives of many Flintshire residents. NERS is a Welsh Government funded intervention programme incorporating physical activity and behavioural change techniques to support referred clients to make lifestyle changes to improve their health and well-being.

In Flintshire, NERS is managed by Aura Wales, and operates from several sites including Buckley, Deeside, Jade Jones Pavilion Flint and Mold Leisure Centres. The scheme offers a wide range of specialised sessions including Back Care, Tai Chi, Walking Football and Well-Being Circuits. All classes are led by qualified instructors who offer support and guidance throughout clients’ health and well-being journey.

On 8 December, the NERS team and their clients celebrated the ongoing success of the scheme with a Christmas Party held at Deeside Leisure Centre. As with previous years, Aura holds this annual festive event to celebrate the continued growth of NERS and the personal success stories and triumphs of the people who make the scheme what it is … the clients! Their dedication and motivation are clear to see, and their feedback – see the quotes below – inspires Aura colleagues daily.

“NERS is the best thing I ever did. After my knee and hip operation, I thought I wouldn’t be able to move properly again … I can now ride a bike!”

“Best thing I ever did was start the NERS scheme. I was nervous at first, but it built my confidence no end.”

‘It’s not only an exercise class … it’s a hub for everyone to get together, make friends and share experiences.”

“Life changing – it offers opportunities to get out and meet friends in similar situations to us.”

“It provides us with companionship … we laugh again.”

“Five years ago I was in a really bad place, diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and arthritis. I felt at a complete low point with my self-esteem. Since then, I’ve lost five stone and now compete in marathons. This is all down to the fabulous help with my rehabilitation from the NERS team and also support from my peers in the sessions.”

Rhian Pearce, the National Coordinator for the NERS scheme in Wales, said: “The Flintshire NERS team has delivered fantastic work this year supporting local residents to become more active and healthier. We are grateful to have such an experienced and skilled team who not only provide tailored exercise programmes but provide an opportunity for socialising and help combat isolation. I hope that both the clients and staff enjoyed the Christmas Party and celebrated their individual and collective success this year.”

For further information on Aura’s NERS scheme, please contact

Merry Christmas to all of our wonderful NERS clients!

Photos: Aura’s NERS team celebrates with clients at the Christmas Party held on 8 December

NERS Xmas Party 8 Dec23 1

NERS Xmas Party 8 Dec23 2

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