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Member Spotlight: Kasper Wojtowicz

Celebrating inspirational gym members achieving amazing fitness goals

Returning to the gym after the lockdown periods has recharged “dedicated” Aura gym member Kasper Wojtowicz who lost over a stone and a half in less than a month. He won’t stop there as he continues to push himself to be as “active as possible

Member Spotlight Kasper ENG BLOG

We recently spoke to Kasper Wojtowicz, a local resident of Bagillt and Aura gym member, about the positive impact that regular gym sessions can have when working towards fitness goals and keeping healthy in body and mind.

Without fail, Kasper visits the gym at Jade Jones Pavilion Flint every day to keep himself “as active as possible” and has become a friendly face to the Aura fitness and leisure centre team in Flint.

Like so many, Kasper had to think of new ways to keep fit during the lockdown periods and ran for miles each day to keep active. Whilst he enjoyed his daily running routine, he explained that: “it was difficult to stay active and keep my fitness levels up. It has also been difficult to then build my fitness levels back up again, but I am dedicated and will keep going.” It is safe to say that returning to the gym after the lockdown periods has rejuvenated his commitment to health and fitness as he has seen fantastic results in a very short space of time. From the start of October to the beginning November 2021, Kasper lost over a stone and a half in less than a month as a result of his hard work, dedication and positive mindset.

Kasper happily explained that he is glad to be back on the treadmills at the gym, as well as fitting in further cardio equipment and weights as part of his daily fitness routine. The treadmills in particular have become a favourite piece of gym equipment for Kasper as they, in his own words, “help with keeping stress levels down”. He kindly praised the Aura Fitness team who, from his first day in the gym, were on hand to “show me all the equipment” and “have been really helpful ever since”.

Aura Instructor Lee Worrall, on behalf of the whole fitness team, added: “we would all like to congratulate Kasper for his amazing dedication to fitness. Everyone in the gym from instructors to other gym members notice his efforts, especially when he is on the treadmill as he really does go for it! We hope he continues to succeed on his fitness journey throughout 2022 and beyond.

Sharing his advice to anyone contemplating taking on a new fitness challenge or joining the gym, Kasper said: “The most important thing is to enjoy your time exercising at the gym. Being dedicated and having the right mindset is also very important, and this will help anyone who is trying to keep as active as possible. Carry on, keep moving and if you are like me – once you start you won’t stop!

The whole Aura team would like to thank Kasper for taking the time to share his fitness story with us, and wish him the very best of luck on his fitness journey. We hope that his story will inspire others to achieve amazing fitness goals!

Are you an Aura gym member that would like to share your fitness journey and inspire others to achieve their fitness goals? Get in touch with us! Leave a comment below or on Aura’s social media pages, or send an email to:

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