Cliciwch yma i weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

If you have a Flintshire Library card you can borrow the following items from your library:


  • Books for adults and children
  • Large print books
  • Audio books

Books are loaned to library members free of charge. Our online catalogue of fiction and non-fiction books and other items is available for use on the Flintshire web site and some libraries have dedicated computers for this purpose.

Every library has a section for children with storybooks for all ages and information books to help with homework and hobbies.  Some libraries have books and other materials for parents on child development, babycare, pregnancy, health, play and helping children with school work.  Playgroups, nurseries, parent/toddler groups and childminders can borrow collections of books to use with children in their care.

Large Print books make reading easier and more comfortable for those with poor eyesight.  All libraries in Flintshire have a selection of fiction and non fiction in large print.  If you require a particular title, please ask the staff for assistance.

Audio Books for adults are held in most Flintshire libraries and some libraries have audio books for children.  Various formats are available in the county, including CD and MP3 disc.  There is normally a hire charge for borrowing Audio Books but they are available free of charge to those who are registered blind, partially sighted or housebound.  Details of facilities for the housebound and the visually impaired are on our Special Requirements leaflet.  Audio Books which are held by a Flintshire library may be reserved free of charge.


  • DVDs

DVDs are held at the main Flintshire libraries and can be made available to borrow from any other library.  The extensive subject range includes leisure activities, languages, computers, sport, history, science and travel.  There are collections of popular musicals and TV dramatisations as well as films of popular books.  There is a small hire charge for adults borrowing these items, but children can borrow them free of charge from the children’s collection.

Scores and Scripts

  • Music scores
  • Play scripts

Music scores and Play scripts (single or multiple copies) can be requested for loan at every library.

Help and Health

  • Bibliotherapy books
  • Books to help children with special needs
  • Books to help adults with literacy and numeracy
  • Reminiscence materials

Bibliotherapy books are available in Flintshire libraries.  People can sometimes be helped by reading self help material and if GPs think that books can help, they will give their patient a prescription for a recommended \’self help\’ title.  These books can all be borrowed from any library in Flintshire. See our Special Requirements information.

Books to help children with special needs can be borrowed from a central collection including general and specific topics.  See our pages on Special Requirements information.

Books to help adults with literacy and numeracy are available.  Some main libraries have basic skills collections for adults who would like to improve their literacy and numeracy, and classes are also held at some of these venues. See our Special Requirements information.

Reminiscence materials are kept in a collection at Holywell Library and Learners\’ Centre and can be requested from any library.  Residential homes may also borrow a collection of books, including large print and audio books tailored to the needs of their residents.  See our Special Requirements information.

Borrowing Terms

You may borrow up to 15 items at any one time.  Items are issued to you for three weeks and can usually be renewed providing no-one else is waiting for them.  If you are a student you may be able to arrange a longer loan period for certain items with your library.  If you are going on holiday for three weeks or longer, ask for an extended loan.

Reserving Items

You can request or reserve items which are not currently available at your local library.  If an item is available at another library in Flintshire it will sent to your library for you to borrow.  If it is not in stock in Flintshire it could be bought or borrowed from another library service.  There is a charge for requesting items that we borrow from a library outside Wales.  You will be notified when the item you want is available at your library.  There may be a waiting list for items in heavy demand.

Keeping track of your loans
Please be aware that Flintshire Library and Information Service does not send out reminders about overdue items to adults or children. To avoid paying fines you can renew your items online or by telephone or mail.  We do not charge fines on items that are borrowed on a child’s card.


Fines become payable for items returned to the library late, but you can avoid paying fines by renewing items online or by phone, fax, email, post or in person.  This renewal will be for a further three week period unless the item is reserved for another borrower.  Items which were charged for when first loaned to you will incur a further charge at the rate of the original loan.  Please also see our Fees and Charges information.