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Aura Swimming Pools operate the ‘Aqua Passport’ Learn to Swim Scheme. Devised by Swim Wales in association with Sport Wales, and supported by the Welsh Government, this innovative scheme is a key element in the plan to get every child in Wales swimming confidently by the age of 11. The vision is for today’s children to enjoy swimming and water-based activities for the rest of their lives, resulting in a healthier nation. Aqua Passport represents a seamless pathway from a baby’s first experience in the water with an adult, to children who are competent swimmers fully equipped to continue with aquatic activities for the rest of their lives. For further information on the scheme content and the awards’ criteria, please visit: Aqua Passport Awards


Booking couldn’t be easier, call into one of our Aura Leisure Centre receptions to enrol onto the Aura Learn to Swim Programme. To discuss swimming lessons telephone leisure customer services on 01352 702447 during office hours or contact the swimming coordinators, details found in contact information. Submit an enquiry online


Swimming courses- Courses run in blocks of ten weeks, course weeks are displayed on notice boards and at Reception. There are no swimming lessons on Bank Holidays and you will not be charged should your lessons land on a Bank Holiday. Actif cards- This must be brought to every lesson and be presented at Reception for your child’s attendance to be recorded. Assessment and feedback- Your child will be continually assessed throughout the lessons, the instructors aims and focus will be to progress your child through the Aqua Passport learn to swim programme. Swimming awards will be given by the instructor once your child has achieved all the criteria associated with their current Wave, your child will then be issued with an award slip which you will be required to present at the reception desk with payment. Feedback on your child’s progression can be requested through the Swimming Coordinator via email or telephone. Please be aware that the instructors are teaching lessons before, during and after your child’s lessons. Please don’t engage with instructors during lesson time as this impacts on the length and quality of all lessons. Changing- Clothing and personal items must not be left in the changing cubicles as this restricts use and we cannot ensure safe keeping, please use the lockers provided. Long hair must be tied back and jewellery removed. Payment- You have a 4 week window to secure your child’s place for the next block of lessons, this is between weeks 3-7 of the current course. A direct debit option is also available, currently priced at £19.50 per month. You can pay for swimming lessons at any of the Aura Leisure Centres or by phoning leisure customer services on 01352 702447 during office hours. You can also pay for your child’s swimming lessons online. For your log in details you will need to contact the above number or email If a payment has not been made for the next block of 10 then your child may lose their place for the next course and return back on the waiting list. Refunds- Will be granted for injury or illness on production of a doctor’s note. Refunds are not given of personal holidays or cancellations after week 2 of the enrolled course. Any enquiries or for further information please contact the Swimming Coordinator on site. Telephone; 01352 702447 Email:


Free swimming

Aura is providing free swimming, via Welsh Government funding, for:
• Children and young people aged 16 years and under- during all school holidays
• Residents aged 60 years and over throughout the year

How do I register for free swimming?

All customers wishing to make use of the free swimming initiative must be Aura registered and bring their Aura card to every free swimming activity they attend. This requirement applies to both children and young people aged 16 years and under and residents aged 60 years and over. If you do not present your Aura card to staff at the swimming pool reception then, unfortunately, you will be required to pay the swimming pool entry charge.
In order to register for free swimming, residents aged 60 years and over are required to provide evidence that they qualify for the scheme through the presentation of appropriate identification (passport, driving licence, bus pass etc.) to Reception staff.

Which swimming pool sites in Flintshire provide free swimming?

Buckley Leisure Centre
Mold Leisure Centre
Jade Jones Pavilion, Flint

When are Free Splash sessions and free structured activities held and how do I book into a structured activity?

Free junior ‘splash’ sessions are available;
Jade Jones Pavilion every Sunday 10:00am- 12:00pm
Mold Leisure Centre every Sunday 1:00pm- 2:30pm
Free structured activities take place through school holidays. To book into a structured activity, again, please contact the relevant swimming pool site directly. Parents/guardians are required to book on the child’s behalf and places are limited.

60+ Years

Residents aged 60 years and over are able to access free swimming during any public swimming session held at any of the five swimming pool sites.
For more information;


Scheme and Background

At a meeting of the Welsh Local Government Association Council in Cardiff on Friday, 25 September 2015, elected members from all Welsh local authorities unanimously approved a proposal from Welsh Government to offer free swimming in nominated public leisure centres to veterans and armed service personnel on leave.

Within Flintshire, this initiative is available at the five swimming pools in Buckley, Connah’s Quay, Flint, Holywell and Mold during public swimming sessions only.*

The Armed Forces Free Swimming Initiative has received funding from Welsh Government to implement and support the scheme until 31 March 2018.

Eligibility and Scope

Further to the decision passed by the Welsh Local Government Association Council, elected members agreed that the initiative will apply only to ‘veterans’ and ‘armed forces personnel on leave’ who reside in Wales. The initiative will not apply to spouses/partners, family members or friends.

Veterans and armed forces personnel wanting to take advantage of the free swimming initiative must be in possession of an MOD Defence Privilege Card. Those without a card will be unable to access free swimming until they purchase a card from the MOD Defence Discount Service, available via

A member of the Leisure Centre reception team will need to view and verify this card on your first visit and will register a subscription against your account enabling you to access the free swimming initiative.

*public swimming times may vary depending on bookings so please check with the site to avoid disappointment.


Welsh Lessons provision

Course 53 (2nd January - 11th March 2018)

Wave 1 2 3 4 5 6
Buckley Leisure Centre No
No Provision No Provision No Provision
Jade Jones Pavilion Flint Thursday 5.15pm Thursday 4.15pm Thursday 4.15pm Thursday 4.15pm Thursday 4.45pm Thursday 4.45pm
Mold Leisure Centre Wednesday 5.15pm Wednesday 5.15pm Wednesday
No provision No provision No provision

Terms and Conditions for Swim Classes in Aura-Managed Pools

Buckley Leisure Centre

Mill Lane, Buckley, Flintshire, CH7 3HB
Tel: 01352704290
Swimming Coordinator – Jason Richards
Phone; 01352704295

Mold Leisure Centre

Mold Alun Campus, Wrexham Road, Mold, Flintshire, CH7 1HT
Tel; 01352 704330
Swimming Coordinator – Steph Bryant
Phone; 01352704337

Jade Jones Pavilion

Jade Jones Pavilion, Earl Street, Flint, Flintshire, CH6 5ER
Tel; 01352 704301
Swimming Coordinator – Wes Billings
Phone; 01352704343