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Aura Leisure Centres

Buckley Leisure Centre

Mill Lane, Buckley, Flintshire, CH7 3HQ
01352 704290 / 704291

Reception Contact Times (Term Time & School Holidays)

Monday - Thursday 9.00am to 9.30pm
Friday 9.00am to 9.00pm
Saturday 9.00am to 4.30pm
Sunday 9.30am to 4.30pm
Deeside Leisure Centre

Chester Road West, Queensferry, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 1SA
01352 704200

Reception Contact Times

Monday - Friday 8.30am to 10.00pm
Saturday 8.00am to 10.00pm
Sunday 8.00am to 9.30pm
Jade Jones Pavilion Flint

Earl Street, Flint, Flintshire, CH6 5ER
01352 704301

Jade Jones Pavilion opening hours during February holidays are 11am – 4pm.

Reception Contact Times

Monday - Thursday 8.45am to 10.00pm
Friday 8.45am to 9.30pm
Saturday 8.45am to 5.30pm
Sunday 8.45am to 5.30pm
Mold Leisure Centre

Mold Alun Campus, Wrexham Road, Mold, Flintshire, CH7 1HT
01352 704330

Reception Contact Times

*Calls diverted to Buckley Leisure Centre Mon – Fri 9am - 5pm

During School Term During School Holidays
Monday - Friday 9.00am to 9.30pm Monday - Friday 10.00am to 9.30pm
Saturday & Sunday 9.00am to 6.30pm Saturday & Sunday  9.00am to 6.30pm

NOTE *Please be aware that reception receive a vast amount of calls daily. Some calls may be missed.*

Aura Dual-use Sports Centres

Connah's Quay Sports Centre

Golftyn Lane, Connah’s Quay, Deeside, CH5 4BH

01352 704200

Telephone enquiries and bookings are managed from Deeside Leisure Centre.

Flint High School

Maes Hyfryd, Flint, Flintshire, CH6 5LL
01352 704301 / 704302

Telephone enquiries and bookings are managed from Jade Jones Pavilion Flint.

Hope Sports Centre

Fagl Lane, Hope, Flintshire, LL12 9YP
01352 704330

Telephone enquiries and bookings are managed from Mold Leisure Centre.

Saltney Sports Centre

St. David's High School Campus, St. David's Terrance, Saltney, Flintshire, CH4 0AE
01352 704290 / 704291

Telephone enquiries and bookings are managed from Buckley Leisure Centre.