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Come along and take part in a Charity Row Challenge at Deeside Leisure Centre

The Aura Fitness team is looking forward to hosting and taking part in a Charity Row on 23 April 2022 organised by gym members Kelly Eyre and Naomi Hughes.

Kelly and Naomi have been gym members for over 12 years and are friendly faces to all at Deeside Fitness Suite. Later this year, they will be taking part in the Zambezi River Challenge to raise money for Cats Protection. To help them train, and to raise awareness of Cats Protection and their Zambezi Challenge, Kelly and Naomi will be spending 12 hours on a rower, from 7:00am until 7:00pm, outside the entrance to Deeside Leisure Centre.
In preparation for this challenge, Kelly and Naomi have been training in the gym using weights, taking part in lots of fitness classes and, of course, spending lots of time on the rower machines.
Kelly explained: “The Zambezi River Challenge involves rowing down the Zambezi River for 4 days in a canoe. We hope to cover distances of up to 28km a day whilst dodging hippos and crocodiles, then camping on the river bed with the wildlife.
Our family and friends already think we are bonkers, so it is no surprise to them that we are going to attempt to row for 12 hours! It will be such a fun challenge to do, especially if we can be joined on a second rower by other gym members and the fab Aura team. The ‘Cat Watch’ projects that Cat’s Protection supports have such a huge impact on improving the welfare of so many street cats, so to be able to contribute to this work means so much.”
Naomi similarly expressed her enthusiasm to take part, saying: “Rowing for 12 hours is definitely going to be a challenge! We have started rowing in the gym for half an hour time periods and I think we can cope ok, but when it starts to add up throughout the day, it might be a different story! If anyone wants to come along and support us, whether that’s cheering us on or having a go on the second rower, we would be super grateful.”
Alan Duppa, Fitness Supervisor at Deeside Fitness Suite, expressed his support on behalf of the whole Aura team, saying: “Kelly and Naomi are rarely separate when visiting the gym and are a joy to be around. After speaking to them regarding this fundraiser I was very happy and excited about the prospect of supporting this challenge. I love what they are doing in support of the Cats Protection and am amazed by their hard work. The whole Aura Fitness team is looking forward to supporting Kelly and Naomi with their 12 hour rowing challenge and hope to see lots of gym members, colleagues, and visitors to Deeside Leisure Centre joining in and cheering them on.”

If you would like to get involved and book a half an hour time slot, please email Kelly at:



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