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Aura Wales to receive ‘six weeks of free electricity per year’ following innovative carbon reduction investment scheme

Aura Wales has recently completed the implementation of a comprehensive energy efficiency programme following its successful bid in April 2023 for nearly £300,000 grant funding from Sport Wales for carbon reduction projects.

By integrating cutting edge technologies including LED lighting, photovoltaic panels, advanced building management systems and insulation, Aura has been able to transform its operational efficiency whilst, at the same time, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction.

The introduction of energy efficient LED lighting to replace traditional light fixtures has enabled Aura’s leisure centres to not only reduce their energy consumption but to enhance the customer experience as LEDs provide improved illumination, together with an extended lifespan which minimises the need for ongoing maintenance.

Advancements in building management systems have supported Deeside Leisure Centre, Aura’s largest facility, to optimise energy usage across its infrastructure, particularly within the Ice Arena. Through real-time monitoring and automated controls, the Ice Arena can now regulate the ice temperature, ventilation and air conditioning systems effectively, ensuring comfort for visitors and reduced energy consumption. The site at Deeside has also embraced renewable energy solutions by installing photovoltaic (PV) panels on its premises. By harnessing the power of solar energy, these PV panels are estimated to generate over 224,000 kWh per year of clean electricity thereby reducing the Centre’s carbon footprint by over 105,000 kg per year.

The impact of Aura’s PV installation, in real terms, equates to six weeks of free electricity per year. This investment is closely aligned to Aura’s aim to contribute to the Welsh Government’s ambition of a net zero Wales by 2050.

Sian Williams, Aura’s Leisure Development Manager, commented: “We are thrilled to announce the successful implementation of these energy efficiency measures. By leveraging innovative technologies and renewable energy sources, we are not only reducing our environmental impact but also ensuring sustainable services for our valued customers in the Flintshire community, both now and in the future.”

Mike Welch, Aura’s Chief Executive, added: “Recent years have been extremely challenging for the leisure sector in terms of managing the unprecedented high costs of utilities, and a transformational approach to energy management has been required. Aura has embraced this challenge and, through its dedicated workforce, has sought innovative solutions to improve sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. Initiatives such as these underpin the organisation’s ethos to provide a sustainable future for its customers and local residents.”

The grant awarded to Aura was made possible thanks to funding which was allocated to Sport Wales by the Welsh Government.

Speaking on behalf of Sport Wales, CEO Brian Davies said: “The cost-of-living crisis, combined with the climate emergency, makes it more pressing than ever to support the public leisure centre facilities which are so valued by the communities they serve.

“The energy-saving improvements at Aura’s leisure centres in Flintshire will significantly reduce long-term running costs, enabling the facilities to become more financially sustainable and able to continue providing affordable activities for local people. These projects will also generate sizeable carbon savings, helping to support Wales’ climate change targets.”

Photos: PV panels being installed onto the roof at Deeside Leisure Centre in Queensferry.

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