Disability Equality Scheme

We are amending our current charging policy to benefit disabled people who use our leisure centres.

We have introduced a scheme called “Aura plus one”. This will allow a “personal assistant’ free access to our leisure centres when supporting a disabled customer.

How the scheme works!

We recognise that some people experience difficulty participating in sports and leisure activities because of their disability. Often someone has to accompany them and that can double the cost. We will stop charging people who are there to provide “one to one” assistance. This will ensure we are being fair to all our customers and make it
easier for all to participate.

Disabled customers will be able to use their current “Aura” card or apply for a card at their local Leisure Centre using the enclosed application form. On confirmation that they meet the criteria (listed on the form) they will be issued with an “Aura plus one”card, free of charge.
The “Aura plus one” card holder will pay for whatever facility they
wish to use and their personal assistant will gain free access.

Enjoy access to any of the locations listed on this page.

Aura plus one card

This form is for the customer not the Personal Assistant (carer), if necessary
please help them fill it in. Customers of this scheme pay the existing tariff
price for any facility they wish to use. Applications will need to be supported by evidence posted or scanned and emailed to Aura Head Office.

Emailed evidence can be sent to:

Postal evidence can be sent to:
Aura Head Office,
Deeside Leisure Centre,
Chester Road West,

However, the scheme entitles your personal assistant (Carer) to free access
as they are attending to your needs. In order to qualify for an AURA plus one
you must have proof of one of the following: