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More people, more active minds and bodies, more often Aura Plus One is a disability equality scheme which allows a ‘personal assistant’ free access to our leisure centres when supporting a disabled customer.

How the scheme works
We recognise that some disabled people experience difficulty participating in sport and leisure activities and may need a carer / personal assistant to accompany them and that can double the cost. Aura will not charge customers who are there to provide one-to-one assistance. This is to ensure we are being fair to our customers and to make it easier for all to

Disabled customers are able to register for Aura Plus One if they meet the
required criteria outlined in the terms and conditions (opposite). Upon confirmation that they meet the criteria they and their personal assistant will be assigned an Aura card (if they do not already have one) and an Aura Plus One subscription, free of charge.

Thereafter, the Aura Plus One card holder will pay for whatever facility they wish to use and their personal assistant will gain free access.

Application Form

Terms and Conditions
1. In order to qualify for Aura Plus One there must be proof of one of the
a. Disability Living Allowance (DLA) / Personal Independence Payment
(PIP) Medium or High Levels of care only
b. Attendance Allowance Medium or High Level of care only
c. Registered Blind

2. Application forms are to be completed by the disabled customer not the
personal assistant (or carer). If necessary, the personal assistant can
support the customer to complete the form.

3. Customers of the scheme pay the existing tariff price for any facility they
wish to use. However, the scheme entitles a personal assistant (or carer)
to free access as they are attending to the customer’s needs.

4. All Aura Plus One applications will be subject to verification by an Aura

5. All customers can access the following services as part of the Aura
Plus One scheme:
• Fitness Suite
• Fitness Classes (Beginners Circuit, Pilates, Tai Chi, Well Being, Yoga and Zumba)
• Public Swimming
• Ice Skating
• Racquet Sports

6. All completed Aura Plus One application forms will be forwarded to Head Office where the Aura Plus One subscription (authorisation) will be applied to the customer’s account. Head Office will register a new account for the personal assistant and forward the accompanying Aura card to the home address of the disabled customer. The customer can then provide their personal assistant with the Aura card at the time of  participation in the chosen activity.

7. Aura Plus One customers are required to re-apply and to renew their subscription every 12 months. This is to ensure that customers continue
to meet the required criteria for the scheme.