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Aura gym member Lee Price has lost an amazing 6 stone and is feeling “absolutely fantastic

We recently spoke to Lee Price, a local resident of Holywell and Aura gym member who very kindly shared his thoughts on keeping active, fitness goals, and training for a charity challenge.

Before the pandemic, Lee had been preparing for the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge and taking part in 1-2-1 training sessions with Aura Instructor Lee, “seeing the benefits of losing weight and feeling fitter”. Alongside participating in Aura’s online fitness classes to keep active during the lockdown period, Lee decided to set himself the challenge of walking 200 miles every month: something he has maintained to this day.

Reflecting on his recent history with fitness and keeping active, Lee explained: “I originally joined the gym in 2017 to improve my fitness so that I could compete in the National 3 Peaks challenge in 2018. My biggest passion is walking/hiking and I really enjoy the fitness classes I attend at Jade Jones Pavilion Flint as well; I try to do an average of 5 Studio Cycling classes a week.” In preparation for completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, Lee has been doing “lots of walking and intensity training, along with Studio Cycling classes and running.”

Lee welcomed the prospect of returning to the gym earlier this year, saying: “I was really pleased to get back to the gym as I really missed the Studio Cycling classes, the other people who attend and, of course, the fitness team and leisure centre staff who are really great and really helpful.”

Lee’s decision and drive to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in September 2021 was inspired by his determination to raise money for a charity very close to his heart. He explained: “I will be raising money for a very worthwhile cause: Bowel Cancer UK. I hope that my participation in the challenge will help raise awareness and save lives.

He kindly praised the Aura Fitness team wishing to give a “special mention to two people in particular: Lee Worrall who taught me a lot during our 1-2-1 sessions which we were doing upward of 4 times a week before the pandemic, and Alan Duppa who, during the pandemic, informed me about all the online fitness classes and kept in touch with me. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Jade Jones Pavilion Flint for helping me with my fitness journey.”

Sharing his advice to anyone contemplating taking on a new fitness challenge or joining the gym, Lee said: “Don’t think but do: I have seen a weight loss of 6 stone and feel absolutely fantastic about myself. My confidence in everything I do has gone through the roof! There is no better feeling than feeling fit and having a healthy mind, plus it was great putting all of my XXL, XL and L clothes in the loft! I am now hoping that I can keep the momentum up and stay in medium clothes!

The whole Aura team would like to thank Lee for taking the time to share his fitness story with us, and wish him the very best of luck for completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge this month. We hope that his story will inspire others to achieve amazing fitness goals!

Are you an Aura gym member that would like to share your fitness journey and inspire others to achieve their fitness goals? Get in touch with us! Leave a comment below or on Aura’s social media pages, or send an email to:

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