Get To Know Your Customers Day: Meet Jean and Sharman!

Cliciwch yma i weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

To celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day, we got in touch with some of our wonderful gym members to find out more about their fitness goals and favourite ways to exercise.

We spoke to Jean Outwin and Sharman Smith who have been using Aura gyms together for the past 3 years. Over that time they have become “the best of friends”, as well as partners in crime in the gym! Here’s what they had to say:

Hello! My name is Jean: I am 77 years old and live in Mold. My friend Sharman (to most she is known as Babs!) is 67 and lives in Buckley. We met about three years ago whilst doing a stability class with Aura Instructors Dave and Jo. Since then we have continued to support each other in everything we do: we always encourage each other. It is so good to have a reliable gym buddy – we never let each other down.

We both attend a Zoom fitness class on Mondays, and the Wellbeing Walk on Thursdays, along with daily exercises that we can do at home that Dave has planned out for us. After our Zoom meeting we all meet up in a chat room to have a catch up.

At the moment, walking is our favourite way to exercise. Together, we decided that we would do the ‘Smart’ challenge that Dave suggested to us; we started this eight weeks ago and our aim was to increase the steps we did week by week. So far we have done really well we have increased our steps every single week. Having each other has helped us both tremendously: if we had been doing this on our own we may not have been so committed. Having a friend to exercise with definitely makes a difference.

When asked to describe their fitness instructors in three words, they said:

Inspiring, Caring and Loyal

Inspiring – the instructors are always encouraging us to do as much as our ability will allow us to do.
Caring – they make sure that we are always safe and able to do the tasks set before us.
Loyal – our instructors have not let us down once which we feel is a great testament to them.

Jean and Sharman very kindly praised Aura’s Instructors for their “help, encouragement and support”, saying: “We have been so lucky with our instructors Dave, Fraser and Gavin, who have helped us tremendously through the lockdown by providing Zoom classes and an opportunity for us to chat afterwards. We thank them also for making the Wellbeing Walks really enjoyable and giving us extra exercises that we are able to do at home on a daily basis. We can’t praise them enough for all the help they have given: not only to us but to the other people in our group.

Whilst keeping fit and reaching their ‘Smart’ fitness goal has been very important to Jean and Sharman, they agreed that the most valuable thing to come out participating in Aura fitness classes has been meeting new people: “Most of all we have found great friendship. Mixing with other people has been rewarding for us and we certainly would recommend it to anybody.

The whole Aura team has been inspired by Jean and Sharman’s friendship and is very pleased to have played a part in bringing them together to become the great friends they are today. We thank them for getting in touch with us and wish them the very best of luck in completing their ‘Smart’ fitness challenge!

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