Get to Know your Aura Instructor: Meet Gavin!

Cliciwch yma i weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

Our professional, friendly and highly qualified instructors have put together a schedule of free Zoom Fitness Classes to help you enjoy your time exercising at home.

We spoke to Gavin, one of our wonderful fitness instructors, who told us a little bit about the experience of taking part in fitness classes from home. Here’s what he had to say:

Hi, I’m Gavin and I am part of Aura’s National Exercise Referral Scheme (NERS) team. I have been really enjoying the Zoom Fitness Classes – they are the best part of my week! I love seeing everyone as it gives us all a bit of normality during a challenging time.

The people who participate in the Zoom Fitness Classes make it a really special experience for us as fitness instructors. I love working with people and enjoy helping people feel better about themselves – it’s an invaluable feeling when someone achieves a fitness goal and you’ve helped in some way.
My advice to anyone who is hoping to improve their fitness levels would be to not pressure yourself: pick a time and day to focus on to make exercise part of your weekly routine. Small changes make all the difference!

I would recommend taking part in Aura’s free Zoom Fitness Classes as there is a wide variety of sessions and it’s a great way to keep active at home. I would suggest trying a few different classes to see which ones you like the most; there is something for everyone! You don’t have to be visible if you would prefer not to and can take it at your own pace. The most important thing is to have fun and benefit from some mental and physical wellbeing!

Gavin delivers two classes a week: Body Burn every Monday from 6.00-6.30pm, and Total Tone every Tuesday from 10.00-10.30am. To express your interest in joining one of Gavin’s sessions, please email:
For Aura’s Zoom Fitness Class Schedule and Class Information, click here.
To watch a pre-recorded fitness session with Gavin, click here.

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