Wellbeing at Home with Aura’s Online Fitness Classes

Cliciwch yma i weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

Whilst our leisure centre doors may be closed, we are grateful to be able to connect online via Zoom Fitness Classes. We caught up with Val Parr, one of our wonderful members, who shared with us how Aura’s online fitness classes have made a difference during lockdown.

Val Parr is a local resident of Hawarden and, in normal circumstances, attends the leisure centre at least three times a week to take part in different classes including Walking Football, a Wellbeing Circuit Class, and a walking group followed by “a social cuppa in the café!”

She commented: “We were so pleased when Jo, one of our Aura instructors, contacted us to say she was going to start Zoom classes on Thursday mornings, and even happier when she confirmed she would be adding a Monday morning class too!

With the Zoom class, it is the same principle as going to the centre. It is wonderful to see Jo instilling so much confidence, just like in the centre, and keep an eye on us to make sure we do the exercises correctly, making it all seem ‘normal’. We also have the social interaction of talking to other group members which all adds to a general feeling of wellbeing”.

Aura Instructor, Jo Beevers, commented: “I am loving teaching the classes, I’m so pleased that we can help our members carry on with all the good work they started in the leisure centres. Everyone works at their own level and it is wonderful to see them so motivated. It’s such fun to see what everyone is using as weights: we have tins of beans, milk cartons, and even the odd wine bottle!”

Expressing her gratitude to Jo, Val kindly said: “One of her greatest strengths is her ability to put people at ease and make you feel a valued member of the class, and I am glad to say this comes across just as much during the Zoom class as it does in the leisure centre. As always, she goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy, encouraging you to do the best you can.

At first I was unsure about joining as I thought I’d feel daft exercising in my living room in front of a computer but, as is her way, Jo set up a Zoom call the day before to talk us through everything, making sure we understood how the class would run, allay any fears and help iron out any difficulties the technophobes amongst us may encounter!”

Val’s enthusiasm for the classes, both in and out of the leisure centre, is fantastic. Emphasising the importance of mental and physical wellbeing, she said: “We are all having to adapt to new norms, and the ability to benefit from structured and guided exercise from the safety of our own homes is invaluable. I feel better after the class, both physically and mentally and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. It is 40 minutes of normality and fun in a world we are all struggling to find our way through. Thank you to all concerned – I hope it continues.”

We would like to thank Val for sharing her experience of keeping active from home. We hope that our online classes can help to support the mental and physical wellbeing of the local community. For more information about Aura’s free Zoom Fitness Classes, click here.

One thought on “Wellbeing at Home with Aura’s Online Fitness Classes

  1. I agree with Val it is a great idea the zoom classes that all you lovely instructors are doing for us.
    It was a lovely surprise to get a phone call from Dave to say he was setting up a zoom class and would I be interested. He sent a link which was so easy to follow and connection was easy. It was such a lovely surprise to see Dave Fraser Jo and Sue. Then it was amazing I was able to see all our Gym buddies. I look forward to our Monday mornings. After that first meeting I received an invitation from Sue to join her class on a Friday morning. Her class is great after being locked up on my own for the last three months.lt has made such a difference to my mood and well being. If this is to be the new norm well so be it. I am really enjoying her class and so much easier doing it has a group. It is very hard to motivate yourself on your own. This new venture is great.
    Thank you very much Sue looking forward to next week
    Jean Outwin

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