Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Customer Membership Payments, 23 March 2020

Cliciwch yma i weld y dudalon hon yn Gymraeg

Following the recent closure of Aura’s leisure centres until further notice, we want to let customers know how we will be treating their monthly or annual memberships.

Direct Debits
All members’ subscriptions will remain ‘live’ during our period of closure, however, we will not be collecting any further Direct Debit payments until we re-open. Once we re-open, Aura will ensure that all customers are not charged twice for any days or lessons, and Direct Debit payments will be adjusted accordingly when they are reactivated. Customers will not need to do anything to reactivate their Direct Debit.

Swimming Lessons
Once the leisure centres re-open, we will commence a brand new course. All payments, either Direct Debit or cash/card payment, will be carried over to the new course.

If your child was enrolled onto the swimming lesson course that started on 16 March and, as a non-Direct Debit customer, you were unable to make payment for the course, your child’s place on the next ten-week course is guaranteed and the unpaid sale will remain on your child’s account until swimming lessons resume when you will have the opportunity to attend the leisure centre and to make payment or to set up a Direct Debit.

Annual (and other upfront subscription payments)
In all circumstances, the current expiry date will be extended to mirror the length of the period of closure for leisure centres.

Please can we advise all customers to visit our website and to follow us on Twitter (aura_wales) and Facebook ( for further updates.

Aura’s Customer Services Team can be contacted on 01352 702436 / 702447.

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