Aura Wales celebrate Flintshire Women of World War I with Community Heritage Day

Cliciwch yma i weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

Aura Wales is celebrating the history of Flintshire women with an exciting Community Heritage Day and Exhibition. The event will be hosted at Mancot Library on Saturday 16th November.

We are celebrating the lives of Flintshire women during World War I with an exhibition entitled “Hidden Voices of WWI”. There is an open invitation for members of the community to join us and share stories of women in their own families during World War I, and to bring any objects or photos.

There will be two talks on the day: one by Sophie Fish, Aura’s Culture and Heritage Manager, as well as Quay Watermen’s Association Heritage Officer, Celia Drew (please see the poster below for further details).

Sarah Pevely, Curator for Aura Wales, expressed her excitement about the event, saying:  “It isn’t often that you hear women’s stories from World War I, so it was our aim to give voices to the local women who risked their lives in the war effort. On the day, we will be focusing on five women from Flintshire”.

Sarah added: “school children helped us with our research and used census data and photographs to do some creative writing. They also did some artwork with a local artist which will be exhibited with a replica munitions worker uniform at the exhibition.”

Gabrielle West, one of the five women to be discussed at the event, documented her experience at the Queensferry munitions factory during World War I as one of the first women police officers. A series of her diaries entitled Menus, Munitions and Keeping the Peace, helped to inform the research for this project and will be on show on the day.

For more information regarding the Community Heritage Day, please contact Sarah Pevely on: 01352 714172, or email:

To learn more about the history of Welsh women during the First and Second World War, take a look at the following book recommendations from Aura Libraries:

  • Hanes Menywod Cymru 1920-60: yn eu geiriau eu hunain by Catrin Stevens
  • Parachutes and petticoats: Welsh women writing on the Second World War edited by Leigh Verrill-Rhys, Deirdre Beddoe
  • Voices from the factory floor: the experiences of women who worked in the manufacturing industries in Wales, 1945-75 by Catrin Steven.

Click here to visit our online catalogue: view these titles and many more!

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