Adult Swim Class raises £750 for the British Heart Foundation

Cliciwch yma i weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

An adult swimming class at Buckley Leisure Centre has raised an amazing £750 for the British Heart Foundation. The participants completed a sponsored 1 mile swim on Saturday 31August 2019, with the help of swimming instructors Jim Wallace and Nathan Cain.

Paul Howells, one of the participants, explained: “The more advanced swimmers completed a full mile (64 lengths) with other swimmers completing various distances depending on their own individual ability. Many of the swimmers who took part were unable to swim more than a few strokes 12 months ago, with some unable to swim at all, so this is a massive achievement for us.”

Swimming Instructor Jim Wallace, explained: “The swimming classes are aimed at adults of all ages who either cannot swim at all or would like to improve. Those who attend are fantastic and have progressed so much.”

He also expressed his enthusiasm about the sponsored swim, saying: “It’s their achievement, they’ve pushed themselves and should be very proud. They all set themselves targets and surpassed their goals – I am really proud.”

One participant expressed her gratitude to Jim, saying: “I was petrified and had no confidence, now I’m full of confidence. Everyone is so supportive, from the reception to the instructors.”

Another said: “We all encourage each other. We couldn’t swim a width or length but now there’s no stopping us!”

The swimming pool at Buckley Leisure Centre is one of three managed by Aura Leisure and Libraries. Catering for beginners, as well as those who wish to improve their technique, the adult swimming classes at Buckley aim to encourage water confidence and to support anyone seeking well-being through swimming. The classes run on Tuesday 10.00-11.00am, Thursday 8.30-9.00pm, and Sunday 10.30-11.15am (advanced) and 11.15am-12.00pm (beginner).

The whole Aura team would like to congratulate Jim and the Adult Swim Class on their fantastic achievement and would like to thank everyone who very kindly donated towards the sponsored swim – well done and thank you to all! 

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