Driving Social Inclusion Forward

Cliciwch yma i weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

driving social inclusion forward

Aura Wales are excited to announce our involvement in an exciting new project in collaboration with Lindop Toyota!

The project aims to bridge the gap between senior citizens and younger people across Flintshire. Both Aura Wales and Lindop Toyota hope the project will deliver positive and durable impact on the community. By driving social inclusion forward, we wish to help tackle social isolation and further contribute to the educational needs of the younger generation.

The project will take place between 1st April – 31st March 2020.

Our focus will be on the following areas of concern within the local community:

  • Road safety
  • Social inclusion
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Cross-generation integration
  • Tackling isolation

Lindop Toyota have expressed their desire to work with Aura’s present connections and partnerships with – for example – local primary schools, as well as Aura’s current work around becoming Dementia friendly, in order to  improve cross-generation and social inclusion. Flintshire has many residents who are socially isolated and through introducing them to the county’s younger generation, we hope to improve their day to day lives and help them find a more positive purpose.

There will be a lot of focus on the educational needs of the younger generation during the project. Therefore, Aura’s library service and resources will be utilised to help improve the reading and writing abilities of the primary school children, and the older generation will assist. As well as reading and writing, we will be focusing on road safety also as part of the children’s learning experience. Colleagues from both Lindop Toyota and Aura Wales will work closely with all external parties to help deliver this project.

A spokesperson for Lindop Toyota said: “We are pleased to have secured support from the Toyota Fund for a Better Tomorrow, to help tackle social isolation. As a family business, we believe that it is important for us to contribute to the local community. Aura Wales do an excellent job of raising awareness about the importance of inclusion and we are proud to be involved with the project.”

Aura Wales are excited about the collaboration with Lindop Toyota and thank them for allowing us to be involved in such an important project. Together, we can drive social inclusion forward for the Flintshire community!

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