Aura’s Accessible Play Equipment

Cliciwch yma i weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

Aura Leisure and Libraries feel passionately about helping our community and ensuring the services we provide are inclusive and available for all.

We were delighted to hear from Bethan Edwards (a local resident) who shared the below photograph of her son Caiden enjoying the new inclusive play equipment at Higher Common play area in Buckley.

Bethan comments on how she “contacted Flintshire County Council’s Leisure Provider – Aura Leisure and Libraries – to ask about potential accessible play equipment in the area. A few weeks later, we were so pleased to see this in our park”.


Richard Roberts, the Play Design Officer for Aura, has said: “any new playground projects include inclusive play items such as a Roundabout which can be used by all users, like the one we have at Deeside Leisure Centre play area. Other elements that have been introduced are basket swings, bowl roundabouts, a double width slide, ramps and platforms: all of which can be accessed by all users. We continue to research new inventive play equipment ideas which can be introduced to Flintshire play areas for all users to have fun on”.

Bethan expressed her thanks to Aura “for making it possible for Caiden to use the park equipment” and stated that the new equipment has “made such a difference as Caiden can now be a part of our days in the park and join in with his brother”.

We hope that the new equipment will “make a difference” to many local families and benefit the community through being inclusive and accessible to all.

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