The Story of North East Wales told through 100 Objects

Cliciwch yma i weld y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

Shared with the North East heritage forum, the 100 Objects of North East Wales tells the story of our history and heritage through 100 fascinating objects. As a community based project, the exhibition is being showcased across Flintshire in Mold, Buckley and Connah’s Quay, welcoming everyone to come in and see the objects on show.

The exhibition covers a vast range of history and is divided into 6 sections to cater to specific areas of interest.

Each museum displays two different sections and are as follows:

Mold: Early Inhabitants and Religion and Culture

Buckley: Industrial Revolution and Everyday Life

Connah’s Quay: Castles and Conflicts and Travel and Transport

Here are only a few examples of some of the marvellous objects on show:

A coracle is a type of boat that is small enough to be carried on a person’s back. They were made from interwoven willow rods which were tied together with willow bark and then covered with animal skin and a small layer of tar to make the boat waterproof. They have been traditionally used in Wales and the one we have on show in Connah’s Quay museum was used on the river Dee.

Canary Cage:
The canary cage on show at Buckley Museum is a wonderful piece of Flintshire history. Used by coal miners at the Point of Ayr Colliery in Flintshire, the canary cage was used to transport canaries down into the mine to help test for harmful odourless gases. Canaries were first used in mines in 1911 and were used up until 1987.

Early Welsh Bible:
In Mold Museum we have a first printing of the revised Welsh bible from 1620. The copy on show has “the Book of Gyffylliog” hand-written within it meaning that it could very well be one that was used in St. Giles Church in Wrexham.

Sophie Fish, the Museums, Culture and Heritage Manager here at Aura takes great pride in showcasing these “wonderful objects from across North East Wales”. In Sophie’s words: “we have such an interesting history in this area and these objects are just the tip of the iceberg!”

Make sure to visit the exhibition before it finishes on November 18th 2018. It is the perfect opportunity to learn more about Wales’ history – ideal for a family outing over half term!

Don’t miss out: Greenfield Museum will be celebrating the Welsh Museum Festival starting on 27th October until 4th November. There is plenty of history and heritage to be explored!


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