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Aura Leisure and Libraries Limited, in partnership with Flintshire County Council, has announced plans to improve and extend opening hours across library sites to enable better access to services for residents.

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From Tuesday 8th May 2018 our libraries will be changing their opening hours to allow for increased, easier and more convenient access for our customers. This will mean that all sites will be open from 9am and will also be open 9am to 1pm every Saturday. Each branch will also have at least one evening per week where they open until 6pm. The new opening hours offer an increase across the service from 275 hours to 284 hours.

Aura Leisure and Libraries Ltd is committed to continually improving the standard of service to our customers. We recently reviewed how the majority of our customers utilised the library service and looked at how we could best meet demand. We found that our customers would prefer that we open earlier in the day during the week and close later on a Saturday. We found that between 6 and 7pm we had minimal visits and issues so we decided to use that time and staffing resource in a smarter way for our customers without incurring any additional costings. Aura will continue to review opening hours across our libraries as we continue on our journey as a new employee-owned, not-for-profit organisation.

There are a number of ways you can still access library services after 6pm. The Self Service library facility at Deeside, within the Leisure Centre, is open from 6am until 10pm throughout the week. (Deeside Library is staffed between 1pm and 6pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am to 1pm on Saturday).

You can also access our library service online 24 hours a day at

The new library opening hours will contribute to Aura’s purpose ‘to benefit the community by improving quality of life through the provision of culture and leisure opportunities that improve mental health and physical well-being.’ We want to increase opportunities for people to access our library services across Flintshire and enable ‘More people, more active minds and bodies, more often’.

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